Snowmobile Safari

Årrenjarka is the ultimate starting point to visit the different areas within UNESCO’s world heritage Laponia. Our geographic location combine with experienced tourguides who know every out and in have captivated our guests since our start.

Our guides have a comprehensive  knowledge and experience of the mountan territories and know exactly where to go to find the optimal vistas and fishing locations.

Thanks to our native guides we always have 100% status on the local snow- and weather forecasts and can adjust the excursion to guarantee our guests the optional experience.

The tour start with going through the snowmobile and safety briefing before we start the trip into Laponia. The trip takes us through ancient pine forests, and sometimes we even get to see signs of reindeer, elks, wolverines, or Lynx along the trail, After that, we begin ascending up the mountains and no more than 30 min through primordial forest before we arrive at the fantastic view over the mountain peaks in Sarek’s national park. The serene atmosphere that encloses the enormous alpine vista during midwinter makes for an unforgettable and rare trip. Where every point of the compass is a painting there’s plenty of opportunities for taking photographs before a final stop for Swedish Fika.

Duration: 2 hours


Minimum: 2 persons


Price: 1975 SEK / pers (2 persons per snowmobile)


Inkluding: Helmet, winter  overall, winter shoes, The/Coffee, cinnamon rolls.


Upgrade: Drive your own snowmobile, 790 kr/extra per person


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I samarbete med helikopterföretagen Fiskflyg och Kallaxflyg kan vi erbjuda er helikopterflygningar till eller från Årrenjarka Fjällby. Varför inte påbörja/avsluta er jakt, fiske eller vandrings resa med helikopter i Årrenjarka?

Alternativt så kan vi erbjuda rundflyg runt den vackra fjällvärlden som omger vår fjällby.

Det är möjligt att boka alla aktiviteter medan du bor hos oss, eller så kan du boka i förväg genom att kontakta oss via e-post.