Dog sledding

In cooperation with the local tour guide Native Lapland we offer shorter or longer excursions with dog-sledding. All tours embark from Årrenjarka.

Through the forests below the mountain hills with dog-sledding – half day tour with guide

Sitting in a dogsled behind Alaskan Huskies we start our excursion through the pristine and beautiful landscape that fram the Årrenjarka village.

Through deep snow we enter serene primordial forests, farm from the main road. We stop along the way for a Swedish Fika with hot chocolate, tea or coffe as well as some snacks and time with the dogs. We continue our journey through the Kvikkjokk – Kabla natur reserve, a beautiful forest that from there is total wilderness. The nature reserve is only accessible through foot or boat during the summer, or on Snowmobile, dog-sledding, ice skating or snow shoes during winter. The surrounding area contain both primordial pine tree forests, vast mires, birch tree forests and calf mountains. The entire landscape have no roads, and can be percieved as wilderness. However there are numerous traces of earlier settlements. Settler’s mowing areas and more ancient monuments of Sapmi settlements tell the tale the tale that this isn’t a wilderness but a culture lanscape. Today this is an important pasture for reindeers especially spring and autumn. To outsiders this can look distant and wild, but the Sapmi people know every ins and out of the landscape and frequently visit it. Ancient monument of settlements, fireplaces and animal pits speaks of this area have been settlement for people throgh thousands of years.

During a break we dine on a sandwich at a fireplace, consume a nice cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate while the tourist guide talks about the area.

Maximum: 4 persons

This activity is bookable directly through Native Lapland.

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I samarbete med helikopterföretagen Fiskflyg och Kallaxflyg kan vi erbjuda er helikopterflygningar till eller från Årrenjarka Fjällby. Varför inte påbörja/avsluta er jakt, fiske eller vandrings resa med helikopter i Årrenjarka?

Alternativt så kan vi erbjuda rundflyg runt den vackra fjällvärlden som omger vår fjällby.

Det är möjligt att boka alla aktiviteter medan du bor hos oss, eller så kan du boka i förväg genom att kontakta oss via e-post.