We at Årrenjarka Fjällby Aktiebolag (Orgnr 556393-3695, from here on Årrenjarka), are transparent in how we collect and process our data. For more information please see below.


Processing Personal Data

Personal data are everything that can indentify you; Name, Adress, E-mail, Phone number etc. Additionally, we collect personal data through cookies. Cookies are collected by default when you enter the site, and you can opt out collection of cookies through your web browser, iOS or AoS.


How Do We Process Cookies?

We use following tools to manage and cookies:

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Tag Manager
  • HotJar


What Does Cookies Mean?

You can read how Analytics save your cookies here: Google Analytics Cookie Policy


What Does Script Mean?

In order to optimize our site’s perfomance and to tailor our visitor’s experience, we use eye tracking scripts, remarketing tools and other tools we may se fit. Example: HotJar collects’ anonymous data through behaviour patterns’ and hel pus optimize the sites’ performance. Read more on how HotJar collect data here. If you don’t want HotJar to collect you data, you can turn it of: Here


How Long Do We Store Cookies?

Cookies are save at most 12 months.


If You Want to Purge Cookies

How you purge cookies depends on what browser you are using. Below you find more information on how to purge cookies:


When And How Do We Store Personal Data?

We gather personal information when you do any or all or the following actions:

  • You download a guide and/or Whitepaper from our site.
  • You start a chat
  • In any other way submit personal data, example sign up for a seminar, event, through a contact form, job application or requesting a quotation.
  • Process a transaction through a third party vendor.
  • Sign up for a newsletter


Request to Purge Your Personal Data

In order to purge your personal data, send an E-mail to


Request a Copy of Your Personal Data

To request a copy of your personal data that we store, send an E-mail to



Third Party

We never sell or exchange your personal data to third party vendors. However, we use external tools in order to process and optimize our site and marketing performance, and third party vendor’s may see (but not collect and/or sell) your data.


Terms And Conditions

We maintain the right to change any or all of the terms and conditions in this document at any given moment without further notice than changing the text on this page.

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